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Lillington Grace Church is a Church of the Nazarene — a denomination in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition.  That means we believe that there is more to living a Christian life than just saying the sinner’s prayer and attending worship services.  We believe that God asks of us to give him everything about us–to invest in our relationship with Him in the same way that He has loved, valued, and invested in us.

Click here to see the Articles of Faith for the Church of the Nazarene (with links to our beliefs, our core values, and other good information).

OUR MISSION AND VISION:  Lillington Grace Church of the Nazarene exists:  to reflect the character of Christ tangibly; and, to increase the Body of Christ spiritually. This is our role in “making Christ-like disciples in the nations.”



Pastor Tim and Ardie Eyring.  Pastor Tim is our lead pastor; he planted and oversaw the organization of Lillington Grace Church.  The church currently meets in their home on Sunday mornings.  Ardie is a deaconess consecrated by the Church of the Nazarene.

fred2Pastors Kelly and Fred Brucker.  Pastors Kelly and Fred are associate pastors, having joined the team in 2016.  Pastor Kelly had graduated from Mount Vernon Nazarene University in Ohio and had interned on the West Virginia North District before joining the Pittsburgh District in 2008.  She was ordained in 2015.  Pastor Fred graduated from Eastern Nazarene College in 1998 and was ordained on the New England District in 2006.  In addition, Pastor Fred has had 20 years’ experience working in the broadcast industry.  Pastors Kelly and Fred married in 2009; they have a very friendly dog (Pebbles) and an energetic cat (Mira).

verne2Pastor Verne and Judy Haskell.  Pastor Verne is retired, but not tired out!  Pastor Verne and Judy join us after having retired from the Church of the Nazarene in Hollywood, Maryland in 2016.  Pastor Verne was born in Binghamton NY and graduated from Susquehanna Valley High School in 1969. He received a degree in Psychology from Eastern Nazarene College in 1973. He has done graduate studies in counseling and theology at Eastern Nazarene and Nazarene Theological Seminary. Previously, he has been a Pastor in Maine, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania.  Pastor Verne is married to Judy Kish Haskell. They raised four children: Brian, Craig, Dawn, and Eric.


Office Secretary – Ardie Eyring
Church Board Secretary – Ethel C. Beverage
Church Treasurer – Don Ferrara
SDMI (Sunday School) Superintendent –Ardie Eyring
NYI (Youth) President – Robby Benedyk
NMI (Missions) President – Maxine Eyring